On a global scale, Moldova ranks very high among the countries exposed to human trafficking and exploitation. Our Freedom Network works with people in Moldova who are affected or at risk of either becoming victims or else of turning to exploit others. Our main focus is on the girls and boys in our Day Centres who are reaching adolescence, all of whom come from difficult backgrounds and have mostly already experienced neglect and abuse. Without any good role models and moral teaching, they have little reason to choose a different lifestyle than the one they grew up in, and many may not even see they have another option. We regularly organise conferences and camps for these girls and boys, which not only allow them to escape from their desperate home situations for a period of time, but where we actively invest in them, helping them to build a healthy self-image and teaching them about risks. They are also encouraged to embrace godly values as they watch the leaders’ example and are introduced to God and His idea of real men and women as an alternative to the set of beliefs they have developed through their circumstances.