Through various other relief and development projects we meet the physical and emotional needs of those neglected by society, while wherever possible also supporting steps towards self-support.

Every autumn, at the beginning of the school year, we provide school supplies for children from poor families, who would otherwise not be able to afford buying the pens, books and other material required and thus not be able to fully participate in school, while often also facing discrimination by teachers and other pupils because of this lack. Our regular relief projects also include supporting a ministry among people with a handicap, who in Moldovan culture are often neglected and excluded from society.

Some of our development projects support individuals by investing in small appliances, like washing machines, or by providing seeds or farm animals to help them produce some of their own food. In this way they are encouraged to take practical steps towards a higher self-sufficiency and to embrace responsibility. On a broader scale we also invest in whole communities, developing their infrastructure by building wells or playgrounds, or supporting churches in construction projects, which enable them to extend their ministry within the community.