Our training and outreach ministries give believers the possibility of a practical mission experience in Moldova and beyond. In different programs, ranging from two weeks to six months, they receive spiritual teaching, training in practical skills for sharing the gospel and the chance to immediately apply these during outreaches in various locations. In this way they reach people with the gospel as well as grow in their own faith and abilities.


God calls ordinary people to do extraordinary things for His Kingdom!

This six-month course is a joint program of OM Moldova and OM Romania, open to participants from all around the world. We offer a unique cross-cultural experience combining Adventure, Spiritual Growth, Relationships, Study and Evangelism:

In-depth study sessions enable you to explore and discuss Biblical truths as well as develop a deeper understanding of missions and practical skills for sharing the gospel.


Twice a year this ten-week course offers Moldovan believers a practical introduction to missions. Study weeks alternate with two-week outreaches where participants can immediately put into practice what they have learnt. They receive Bible teaching as well as training in practical skills for sharing the gospel, learn about global realities and needs and participate in prayer for the world. The outreaches take them to villages all over Moldova where they do children’s programs, street evangelism or home visits to the sick and poor; working together with local churches to share God’s love and truth in word and action.

Love Moldova

Two weeks that change lives!

Every summer more than 200 international participants visit Moldova for our “Love Moldova” program. Over a two-month period we offer a variety of exciting options for two-week outreaches in Moldovan villages. Teams come alongside local churches as they run children’s programs, sports camps or construction projects, sometimes staying in one village, sometimes travelling from place to place. There are usually also possibilities to work with youth or to visit and help poor families and neglected elderly. All these are used to share God’s love and truth with the people of Moldova.

Short-Term Missions

Throughout the year we welcome individuals and groups from abroad who spend a shorter period of time in a variety of ministries in Moldova. They might come alongside a local church in a community outreach, or help a specific ministry (e.g. sports or arts) to organise a special event, or serve with a variety of individual skills, from photography to medical assistance.