Throughout the year we welcome individuals and groups from abroad who spend a shorter period of time in a variety of ministries in Moldova. They might come alongside a local church in a community outreach, or help a specific ministry (e.g. sports or arts) to organise a special event, or serve with a variety of individual skills, from photography to medical assistance.

This can be a valuable tool for churches, Bible colleges or Christian schools who want to offer a cross-cultural experience to their youth group or students - whether individuals coming for an internship or teams who want to serve as a group. Participants can use their practical skills to help the needy and share the gospel, and are encouraged in their faith as they see how God uses them. They also broaden their worldview as they experience the realities of a different place and culture, while unity grows within the group as they face challenges together.

How can I join?

If you would like to bring a group for a short-term mission experience in Moldova any time during the year, please contact to discuss possibilities.

Details about date, length, program etc. will be arranged on an individual basis.