We encourage the Moldovan Church to be actively involved in World Missions by praying as well as sending Moldovans to serve in lesser reached areas of the world. As OM Moldova we prepare them for ministry in a foreign culture, help them raise financial support and as home office are available for help, advice and encouragement. We also occasionally organise short-term vision trips to offer Moldovans a taste of cross-cultural missions.

Over the years Moldovan churches have sent missionaries with OM to Russia, Central & Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Balkans, Caucasus, different parts of Africa and OM’s ships. Currently we have Moldovans serving on the OM Ship ‘Logos Hope’ as well as in the Middle East and North Africa.

We encourage the Church to respond to the needs of the least reached areas of the world. We also see a special potential for Moldovans to serve in Central Asia, where their shared history in the Soviet Union has created similarities in culture and language and they face fewer restrictions than other foreigners. Thus they are actually better equipped for ministry in these countries than Western workers - a truth that comes as a surprise to many Moldovans, as it is still a widespread conviction that being active in missions is restricted to “rich Westerners”.

We also produce a monthly World Prayer Bulletin which is sent to practically all evangelical churches in the country, informing them about current developments and needs in the world and encouraging the churches to pray for World Missions.