Media distribution

How can we get life-changing messages into the hands of those we are connecting with?

Once you know what you would like to communicate with the people you work among, MediaWorks can support you with ideas of how best to share it and which channels to use. We also help navigate copyrights and licensing so you can use what is already out there and share your original content. 

“No place was too hard, no people too far, no idea too crazy, no dream too big...”
– OM, Our Story

Distribution channels

  • New digital tool

    We are creating a new digital tool, which equips ministries with their own platforms where they can share curated, contextualised media in the language and culture of specific communities.

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  • eBooks library

    To distribute our publications more widely, MediaWorks creates eBooks and audio resources for download.

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  • WI-FI distribution

    We offer set up, programming and training in BibleBox, ConnectBox, Lightstream. 

    Battery or line powered, Connect Boxes are localised Wi-Fi hotspots. They enable individuals to access and download or stream Christian media by mobile phone without an internet connection — an advantage in remote areas.


  • SD cards, CDs, DVDs

    We provide SD Card/CD/DVD duplication. 

  • Mobile technology

    We support you in phone to phone sharing and mobile app development. 

  • Web development

    Our web developers are able to help build websites and support with hosting. 

“Our vision is to share the gospel using the technology people have in their hands, offer training in how to do this and provide digital content in people’s heart languages.”
- Kirk, media curation and licensing 

Sharing God's truth among least reached people groups 

Moving to Mongolia

From a least-reached people group herself, Tuvan translator Buyana wants Tsaatan reindeer herders to hear about Jesus and know the God who changed her life.

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Entering a reindeer herder’s world

For many Nenets in Arctic Russia, reindeer are their life, their source of food, clothes, transport and shelter. Field worker E.S. longs for the Nenets to know Jesus, the true source of life.

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Jesus Christ’s power to make everything new

Slobodan never thought he could be free, but Jesus gave him a new start. Now Slobodan urges Roma in Croatia and Serbia that there is a better way.

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Counter-cultural faith among the Gurbet

Goran’s decision to follow Jesus challenged cultural values and traditions he grew up with, causing him to live differently in his Gurbet Roma community.

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New anthem for the Bayash in Serbia

In a village in Serbia, OM workers see Roma believers reaching Roma, encouraging them to let God put a new song in their mouths.

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