Media Strategy

How can we use media to start a conversation and encourage a response?

MediaWorks not only seeks to equip ministries with print and digital media, but also help them maximise its impact among those they seek to reach. We offer training and tools, which helps ministry teams better understand the people groups they are working among. This prepares the ground for developing or selecting content that is relevant and connects with individuals’ hearts.  

“Before launching into production, it is important to assess what is needed and how media will complement their long-term strategy,” said David, leader of MediaWorks. “Giving ministries media to leave with the people they are trying to reach, opens the gate for further conversation and increased engagement.”

"We listen first and don't just show up in a new place and project our way of doing and thinking." - OM, Our Story 

Media strategy workshop

Our media strategy workshop offers an environment of discovery, which deepens your understanding of the specific people group you seek to reach. This insight will guide your ministry team in using or creating media that captures people’s attention and communicates effectively. 

Our media strategists will help you look at how to connect with your audience. They will support you to develop a strategy so that media production and distribution complements your long-term ministry. Following the workshop, they can connect you with media specialists to further support you.

“It energises me when we see the connection between the media we are delivering and how God is using it!” – Bob, media strategist 


    This course is for ministry leaders together with members of their team who are responsible for developing media strategies.



    The workshop is made up of 8 modules, with each module involving around three hours of independent preparation, group discussions as well as live online presentations and coaching. A team can arrange the time of online meetings and set their own pace, but ideally modules should be completed within two weeks.

  • How much does it cost?

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“The workshop has been fascinating for all of us. We have learned a lot and we are looking forward to applying it to the ministry."
- OM participant

About the trainers

For the past 30 years Bob Bartz has been working in a wide range of media applications and platforms. Starting out in the world of international radio broadcasting, he has worked with media teams in diverse contexts and cultures. He supports teams to discover the best ways to deliver messages to their intended audience. As a singer/songwriter, he also creates media to communicate hope and inspiration.   Bob has been seconded to MediaWorks from FEBC (Far East Broadcasting Company), where he served in areas of engineering, management, ministry development and content development  in Asia and Africa. 

Erja Tillgren's vision is to work alongside local teams, listening to them and supporting them to use media effectively in their ministry.  Her role also focuses on finding effective ways of evaluating the impact of the media on the people they are seeking to reach. From Finland, Erja’s background is in pre-school education, project management, evaluation and media research. She was seconded to MediaWorks from Sansa where she worked for the past ten years.  

"I want people to know Jesus," said Erja, "but I don't know the language, culture or context of the least reached. Local workers do. I want to enable them to do the work they are passionate about."

Supporting local ministries with media

  • “I have seen how women really wanted to read the literature,”

    Lenka enthused, recalling an outreach to offer hope to vulnerable Czech and Slovak women. “I’ve seen them read it and then approach me to ask questions; it was great to see it hitting a nerve and getting to the core.”

  • “All we did was put a welcome poster in their languages outside our building

    and people started coming in,” Robert explained. Through conversations and visiting families in the asylum centre, local believers are building relationships. Now some refugees come to church services, youth group and Sunday school, while sixteen adults attend an Alpha course.

  • “I came to faith through the literature you gave me,”

    Janka told Sara, sharing some of her journey from the past few years. “Later, in my despair, I called to Jesus; I asked Him to help me and He heard me.” Janka felt Jesus’ presence and she received strength and hope. Since then, she has taken steps towards being able to leave prostitution. “I believe in God—He is real and obviously leading me,” she added.  

"We want out work and our words to shine His light so that those we live amongst will see it and glority God." - OM, Our Story