Roma Family Picture Bible

“I worked on translating the Roma Family Picture Bible with great enthusiasm,” said OM EAST’s partner who translated the Bible storybook into his regional Serbian dialect. “Illustrations and simple language sometimes have more impact because, sadly, people think not everyone can read the Bible.”

The Bible storybook was produced to make God’s Word accessible to Roma families in Serbia and it was designed by OM EAST to fit their culture.

Stories from the Region

Luke’s Gospel for the Roma people in Croatia and Serbia 

"The Gospel of Luke has been translated into four Roma languages! We’re excited to see it in the hands of Roma people. " 

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God's Truth in Roma dialects

Each illustrated Bible storybook published for Roma people groups in Croatia and Serbia is in a Roma dialect as well as the national language.

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Jesus Christ’s power to make everything new

Slobodan never thought he could be free, but Jesus gave him a new start. Now Slobodan urges Roma in Croatia and Serbia that there is a better way.

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