Our team needs a servant-hearted person who can ensure good stewardship of our finances by providing oversight and training for all financial aspects of our ministry. This is a crucial support role which will enable and release others to fulfil OM Moldova’s purpose:  helping to place mission at the heart of the church and the church at the heart of the community. You will be able to participate in regular team life and activities and you will also have ministry opportunities.


- A competent, experienced bookkeeper.

- Motivated and able to work under pressure.

- Confident with computers and spreadsheets; familiar with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel.

- Able to produce financial summaries and reports, and help prepare budgets.

- You will be encouraged to learn the national language.

- Minimum 2-year commitment.

The focus in the first 3 months is to learn Romanian language and culture.

Start date
As soon as possible
2-3 Years
Full Time
Evangelism, Finance, Administration

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