Share God’s love in Angola, a country that has been radically affected by a civil war yet shows a hopeful hunger for Christ.

Today, Angola’s population reaches over 36 million people, all of whom have either directly or indirectly been impacted by the war that ravaged the country from 1962 to 2002.

Angola is a nation that has, in recent years, been experiencing an increase in followers of Jesus, an increase that we hope to see grow further.

Sharing the love of God in Angola

OM’s primary focus in Angola is relationships. This has been the goal ever since OM first entered the country in 2002. Building relationships is what OM believes to be the most effective way to develop and strengthen ministries in the country as well as train new local believers.

A ministry of particular focus for OM is childhood education. El Shammah is a school that provides education to children ages five to 18. The school teaches standard academics while incorporating biblical knowledge and discipleship into the curriculum. Other OM ministries in Angola include the distribution of Bibles and Bible study materials, a ministry centre that provides housing to missions workers, students and visitors and planting churches among communities of least-reached people groups.

Jesus followers in Angola

This African country is one of great diversity, with roughly 62 people groups speaking 59 different languages. Though each group has their own culture, identity and worldview, one thing that seems to be growing consistently among the Angolan people is Christianity. Even after a violent and deadly war, the message of Christ has been steadily growing. However, there is still work to be done in this country. The rate at which evangelical believers are growing in the country (4.4%) is twice the global rate (2.4%). Right now, about 23% of the country is evangelical, and though this number is growing, communistic and catholic ideologies still have a hold on many people, which has hindered progress in certain areas.

Angola needs believers to join in prayer against the grip these ideologies still have on the country. But believers should also praise God for the work He is doing! Many Angolans have come to know Christ, and even more have been exposed to the gospel thanks to the work God has done through OM and other organisations and churches. Continued prayer is needed, however, for the ministries in the country which lack the finances necessary to progress.

There are numerous ways for you to get involved in OM’s work in Angola. Your unique abilities and skills have a home in this country. Whether you work short- or long-term in Angola, God can use you to change lives. Please also consider giving monetarily and praying for the nation of Angola.