Our vision for the Caribbean and its believers is for them to: Go, Pray, Give, and Grow.Jamaica, along with the rest of the Caribbean, is embracing its role in making Jesus known! The shift is happening that the receivers are becoming go-ers!

For over 500 years, Jamaica—like the rest of the Western Caribbean—has been a receiving field for missionaries. But times have now changed. At ONECAR 2000, a massive gathering of pastors, Caribbean church leaders pledged:

“To release from these islands the best of our people, and the resources needed for their support, to go to the uttermost parts of the earth to proclaim the Gospel, to plant churches, to disciple the nations and to serve God wherever, whenever and however He commands.”

OM Jamaica, established in the Summer of 2011, is committed to partnering with the Jamaican church to fulfill this pledge.

Additionally, we at OM Jamaica are convinced that Jamaicans are doubly commissioned: first by Jesus Christ Himself in Matthew 28:18-20; and second, by our National Pledge as we vow before God that under Him Jamaica may “play her part in advancing the welfare of the whole human race.”

It has been stated that Jamaica has the most churches per square mile and a rich spiritual heritage . We have now taken the baton and are running the race...taking the Good News to the 2.7 Billion of the world’s 6.8 Billion who have never heard the name of Jesus.

Learn more at www.omcaribbean.org or email at info.carib@om.org.

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Writer working at a computer. Photo by Alex Coleman.
Not ready to retire, David joined OM. “I believe God has continuing purposes for our lives, including into our latter years,” David says.