Share the love of God with the people of Tanzania.

With 22 national parks and 32 game reserves, beautiful scenery and wildlife are abundant in Tanzania. Africa’s tallest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro, is located here, as well as the Serengeti, which is home to over 1,500 different species of animals.

Tanzania displays the beauty of God’s creation in full, yet this country still suffers from spiritual darkness, something OM desires to see change.

Share the love of God in Tanzania

The idea of mobilising believers for missions is foreign to the Tanzanian Church. In order to inspire local churches to share the life-changing message of Jesus with others, OM has developed numerous outreach strategies. Explore Missions are courses made available to church members through which they can learn about God’s global purpose and how they can be a part of it. Love Tanzania is an event where experienced global workers speak on the importance of missions. One-on-one meetings with locals over a meal are less formal outreach approaches but are also integral to OM’s plan to build discipleship relationships in Tanzania.

Tanzania’s least-reached communities are almost all found along the country’s east coast. Along the shores of the Indian Ocean, numerous Islamic communities can be found, communities which have been historically reluctant to hear the gospel. Through various ministries, OM hopes to see the youth of this region educated and reached with the gospel and discipled. Namely, preschools and after-school programmes have opened many doors for children and their families to hear the good news. Sports are also largely influential. Through soccer, discipleship has made its way into these lesser-reached areas.

Jesus followers in Tanzania

This country is one where, on the outside, Christianity seems to be flourishing (out of the population of 67 million, 50 per cent are believers). And though it is true that God is present and working in this nation, in reality, much of the country shows little interest in the Bible, and those who are walking with Christ do not understand the importance of missions or discipleship. Islam is widespread, as are traditional ethnic religions. Though zeal is low, this does not mean it is absent. Especially among college students, passion has started to develop to see the least reached reached with the gospel. Even when progress is slow, we can have confidence that God is working in the hearts of Tanzanians.

Tanzania is a nation of great potential, but in order for change to happen, bold believers are needed on and off the field, praying and serving. Please consider giving financially or praying for the National Workers funds. These funds help train local believers and provide them with the resources to work among the least reached. Pray also for ministry on the east coast, that through schools and sports programmes, the youth would be awoken to the gospel. Lastly, pray for the overall nation of Tanzania, which has the foundations of Christ-centred communities but not the knowledge or resources to grow and learn. Pray for revival, passion and boldness.

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