Our purpose is to mobilise the church to send missionaries and to facilitate the sending of those missionaries to go and make disciples of all nations.

Share the love of God in Zimbabwe; a land of natural beauty, but financial and economic hardships.

This country in southern Africa has experienced years of economic turmoil. For many years, Zimbabwe was a source of food and sustenance for neighbouring countries, nicknamed 'the breadbasket of Africa.' Today, life looks very different and many families struggle to put food on the table.

The COVID-19 pandemic only made the situation more complicated. In 2020, it was found that over 500,000 households had a family member who lost their job due to the pandemic. Today, the effects of the virus are still evident, and the financial state of Zimbabwe is still of concern. Luckily, the Church has been a source of hope for the country.

Sharing the love of God in Zimbabwe

Ministry in Zimbabwe is abundant and varied in its approach and focus, offering multiple opportunities for workers to join OM using their unique skill sets.

The Zimbabwean church has often viewed global missions as something that is not their responsibility. OM wants to see Zimbabweans become excited about the role they can play in furthering God’s Kingdom. This is done through discipleship ministries such as university outreaches, where presentations on missions are held for the purpose of informing, inspiring and mobilising students. Business trainings are offered in churches and communities, which demonstrate the ways in which professionals can use their skills to share Christ. TeenStreet seeks to engage the young people of Zimbabwe. Using social media to invite locals to different events and activities, the door has been opened to form mentoring relationships with the youth.

OM is also heavily involved with the Tonga people of north-west Zimbabwe. Though there is a Christian presence among this people group, most pastors lack training, and the mixing of biblical principles with traditional ethnic religions is widespread. OM’s focus is less on church planting and more on discipling church leaders and forming relationships within the community. Through health clinics and mission and agricultural trainings, OM works to spur the Tonga people to engage deeply in God’s work.

Jesus followers in Zimbabwe

The church in Zimbabwe is well established. The country of 16.5 million is 77 per cent Christian, although the number of those actively living out their faith is closer to 25 per cent. Other than Christianity, traditional religions, many of which are based on ancestral worship, are prevalent. Unfortunately, the syncretism of these ethnic beliefs and Christianity is quite common. Additionally, existing churches are not fully aware of the importance of sharing the gospel — both to unreached areas of the world and with their neighbours. The country’s many economic problems have led Jesus followers to rely on God, deepening their faith and belief in His ability to restore their country.

Consider using your passion for missions in this country of hopeful Zimbabweans. Through financial giving and prayerful support, you can also join in God’s work here. Please pray for monetary provisions that are needed to establish ministries in least-reached communities, including the San, Shangaan and Vapostori people groups. Pray for the various community outreaches — especially among university and high school students — that individuals would become passionate about spreading the good news of Christ. Prayer is also needed for the Tonga people. Pray for the training of church leaders; that they would be equipped to spiritually lead the community.

Our Stories

Louise, from Zimbabwe, has the desire to see the Kingdom of God expand and is determined to play her role through giving financially and using her talents. Photo by Simon Marijani.
Louise, from Zimbabwe, has the desire to see the Kingdom of God expand and is determined to play her role through giving financially and using her talents.