"God uses people to make things happen"

Willemstad, Curaçao :: Logos Hope permits a small number of guests on board to thank them for making the exceptional pandemic port call on the island possible.

To show gratitude to influential people who enabled Logos Hope’s visit to Curaçao in the challenging circumstances of a world pandemic, the ship’s leadership invited them to a special dinner on board. Among the few guests, who took care to observe social distance, was the island's governor-general.

“All the prayers we prayed were answered through these invited people, as they helped us to make this visit happen. God uses people to make things happen,” said the ship’s director, Randy Grebe (USA), of the seven guests who were welcomed as the first visitors on board since the community entered a precautionary lockdown, five months ago.

During the stay in Curaçao, officials and local churches have helped with logistics such as immigration for the multinational crew and the staging of an event for the public in a shopping mall. They also offered transport and welcomed the volunteers to share meals with them. One crewmember said, “I spent a few days with a former crewmember who opened her house to some of us with such great care and a hospitable heart. After being locked-in for so long, being able to go out and people making us feel like we were ‘at home’ was a gift from above.”

Addressing the thank-you reception, Her Excellency the Governor-General, Lucille George-Wout, said, “Our people need hope in these challenging days. There is still hope and the answer to our problems is the real kingdom of God and people – who are God’s creation. Our island is going through a special time and to have you here now is a sign from God. He is still in control and God is enough. The Word of God (Logos Hope means “Word of hope”) sailed into our harbour.”

Delighted to welcome the ship to her island again after the last visit in 2017, Mrs George-Wout encouraged the crew in the audience: “I think it will be an even more powerful ship! You could spend so much time with God during your time in isolation and sometimes this is the only thing God wants you to do.”

The visitors also joined the ship community’s weekly prayer night, where they heard of mission needs around the world and prayed particularly for the nation of Curaçao.

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