Going the extra mile

Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines :: Logos Hope's volunteers take affordable literature to an outlying Grenadine island.

The island of Bequia is not far from Saint Vincent, but with a one-way ferry fare costing US$15, many islanders only make the journey infrequently. So, Logos Hope's crew brought a mobile version of their bookfair off the ship and to an appreciative public.  

Each of the weekends the vessel was berthed in Kingstown, teams disembarked with boxloads of books, tables and signs, as well as free gospel literature. They set up a temporary hub to which local people could come and browse, as well as dispersing around the island to chat to people they met.

One woman explained to crewmembers that the cost of living is high on Bequia, since goods must be imported from the main island. Having access to the discounted literature Logos Hope's volunteers brought was a great opportunity, she said.

Kuini Seuseu (New Zealand) enjoyed taking the temporary bookfair to somewhere more remote: “It was a great chance to interact with local people and tell them about the hope that we have in Christ.”

A 10-year-old boy named John came along with his cousin and stayed with Kuini’s team the whole day; offering their help. “I was physically exhausted, and he was going around with joy – it was so refreshing! John talked as if he was part of our crew!” she says.

Ruth* (Germany) decided to take stacks of books and sell them on the street. Every encounter was an opportunity to share about Jesus and pray for people. “She can talk to people! I was encouraged, because she uses every opportunity to share the gospel,” Kuini says about her colleague. “She was such an inspiration!”

Jyn See Tao (Malaysia) says, “Some people here know the gospel and when they see us they are moved, because we went the extra mile to bring the books here. I pray that they will see God through the work we have done.”

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