The Greatest Treasure

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago :: Crewmembers host an event to show children what the greatest treasure is.

The Greatest Treasure event takes place on board Logos Hope and is specially themed for children to understand the value of the Word of God.

Characters who appear on stage include Captain Scallywag; his crewmember, One-Eyed Pete, plus a pirate and a girl named Skittle. The characters have a mission: to go on a treasure hunt together in search of the ‘greatest treasure.’

Skittle hopes to find diamonds, money and Spanish gold, while One-Eyed Pete dreams of buying himself a yacht with the treasure. As for the captain, he knows what the treasure is: he knows it is not what his friends expect.

The event is interactive and invites the children to participate in finding the treasure. Through games and narrative, they discover the message of the gospel. Rebecca Gomez (France) played the part of Skittle. “There were 200 children per event and they were so excited,” Rebecca enthuses. “They were joyful; running around the room wearing life jackets, helping us find the treasure and screaming, ‘It’s over there!’” After the event, many children hurried to give Rebecca a hug.

The crew and children finally found the treasure and discovered what is inside: the most priceless treasure is the Word of God; the Bible. The pirate doesn’t understand and so the captain explains.

Tae Um (South Korea) played the captain and told the children the story of the gospel. He also told them about friendship and forgiveness. “I love theatre and acting. It is a powerful tool, especially for children,” says Tae.

When Tae was younger, he attended a Christian camp where a drama was performed to explain sin and all that Jesus did for the world. He was touched by the depiction. “It was different from what I’d been hearing. When I saw how Jesus was handling all the sin that I should have paid for, it impacted me.”

“The theatrical way of sharing the gospel is one of the most effective ways to touch children’s hearts; that’s how it worked with me when I was eight years old,” he recalls. From whatever background the Barbadian children come from, Tae is sure that God will work in their hearts through the message that was shared, pointing them to the greatest treasure.

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