Georgetown, Guyana :: The country's prime minister shows his appreciation for Logos Hope's return to Guyana.

After her two-year journey around Latin America, Logos Hope arrived in Guyana, her first port of call in the Caribbean region. The vessel was officially opened on her arrival day.

Logos Hope's director, Pil-Hun Park, (South Korea) gave a speech to guests who included Guyana's prime minister, his wife and other officials. “We want to reflect the love of God through our ordinary lives. We seek to live in submission to the truth so that we can make a difference in this world,” Pil-Hun said.

“I believe we can make a difference when we choose to forgive one another; we can make a difference when we uphold dignity and value towards people; we can make a difference when we help a person improve their quality of life, and we can make a difference when we choose to love one another.” Pil-Hun tapped into local feeling when he said, “We would like to learn from Guyana’s motto: ‘One people, one nation and one destiny.’”

The prime minister, Moses Veerasammy Nagamootoo, welcomed the vessel’s crewmembers to his country. “I believe this has been a magnificent gesture of friendship and bonding. This is your third time in Guyana,” he recalled. “I couldn’t help but be inspired by the fellowship on a vessel that takes the message of hope to the world. Thank you for coming to Guyana again. I welcome you on behalf of President David Granger.”

Prime Minister Nagamootoo invited the crewmembers and leaders to visit the scenic areas of his country and added, “The religious and ethical values you help to share are important for us. We are a small and developing country. We have not overcome the challenges of the past. Your message of hope, goodness and godliness can help us.” He concluded his gesture of friendship with the declaration: “This is your home; welcome to Guyana!”

As he was browsing the bookfair, the prime minister turned to representatives of the media covering the occasion and said, “This year, if you have to pick a gift for Christmas, it must be a book!” He said he considers reading a priceless tool that makes a difference in society; bringing knowledge and opening up the way to freedom.

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