No need to travel to meet the world!

Willemstad, Curaçao :: Crewmembers put on a socially distanced show to reflect their diversity and unity.

Logos Hope’s crewmembers have been able to put on a community event for the first time in many months. Curaçao’s largest shopping mall was the venue for a socially distanced opportunity for local people to ‘Meet the world.’

“The main idea was to share the value of unity in diversity,” explains Ailin Longo (Argentina). “On board, volunteers from different countries share certain interests, so we meet weekly to practise our hobbies and learn new skills together. We call these passion groups. In this event, we showcase these talents to bring joy and hope to others.”

Usually performed on board the vessel for visitors, the spacious venue in Willemstad was offered and crew were excited to reach out to people while the ship remains closed to the public as a precaution against coronavirus.

Acts included African and Asian choirs, traditional dances from Scotland, Mexico, Korea and the Caribbean, a hip-hop performance and sharing the story of Logos Hope’s remarkable journey and purpose.

Shoppers and staff became engrossed in the hour-long programme, with one employee saying: “We knew about the ship because she was here in 2017. The show was amazing. Lots of people asked me if this was something we hold regularly – they loved it!”

The event ran three times, with crewmembers who weren’t performing coming along in their national costumes to chat to the audience. They wore face masks, in accordance with health guidelines.

Gino Borst (Curaçao), who has served on board for three years, hosted the event in his home country. “We showed togetherness despite diversity and this is interesting for my people, because we are a small island with many different cultures – just like the ship community," says Gino. "The show represents willingness to learn from other influences and traditions. The Korean fan dance, for example, was not just performed by Koreans but also by Latin Americans. It’s a reminder that something beautiful comes when you decide to work together.”

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