Willemstad, Curaçao :: Logos Hope repainted and ready to be refloated.

Recoated and refloated

Willemstad, Curaçao :: Annual work on Logos Hope continues, with the ship freshly painted and back in the water.

Annual maintenance work on Logos Hope is progressing well, with the ship now out of the dry dock and back in the water. The vessel has moved to a lay-up berth within the Damen shipyard in Willemstad while the remaining tasks are completed on board.

Main jobs in this year’s annual overhaul have included the replacement of steel on the side of the ship, in the chain locker area. Thanks to the dedicated shipyard team working nightshifts, this was completed in time for the final coat of paint to be applied before the dock was flooded to refloat the vessel.

“It is a daily blessing for us to see how the project manager and his team are eager to facilitate our needs for the ship,” said Georg Gamauf (Austria), who is overseeing Logos Hope’s maintenance operations.

Another of the jobs has been to overhaul and repair one of the ship’s four generators. This has now passed its inspection, conducted by an independent assessor.

Something that comes around every fifth year in ocean-going ship maintenance is ultrasonic measurement of the vessel’s hull to document the thickness of the steel. Almost 1,000 spots all over the ship are being probed and Georg reports that initial results on the 48-year-old structure are encouraging.

One hundred and forty technical members of crew are continuing with scores of carefully mapped-out tasks all over Logos Hope, inside and out. From servicing the ship’s propeller system to disinfecting waste water tanks and insulating air conditioning pipes, the team is readying the vessel for their crewmembers’ return and to resume port calls to share knowledge, help and hope around the Caribbean.

Keeping the workers well-fed and cared for is a motivated group of non-technical crew who have also remained in the dockyard. Georg sends his thanks to the “amazing” galley and housekeeping staff for providing hearty food and laundering all the dirty overalls, as well as deep-cleaning the public areas of Logos Hope in readiness to receive visitors again.

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