The Caribbean may be seen as a holiday paradise but take a few steps outside the pristine resorts and you’ll find the other reality of men, women, boys and girls facing significant challenges, including drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment, gang violence and HIV.

As Logos Hope sails from port to port in this region in 2017, we are eager to join God and His people in what He is doing. One of the great needs expressed to us by our Caribbean brothers and sisters is reaching out to the lost generation of Caribbean youth who are desperately seeking hope, but are growing up outside the influence of the church.

Logos Hope is a household name in the Caribbean; known simply as the 'book ship'. Thousands will visit Logos Hope every day we are open and many will leave with armloads of excellent educational and Christian books. We believe the ship offers a unique venue staffed with a vibrant community of Jesus followers who will engage this generation and build bridges with the local Church.

Because we are part of God's big family, we will partner with local churches in outreaches to share the beautiful Gospel and to express God's love in tangible ways through practical help ministries. In light of the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew, there is plenty of opportunity.

We are excited to do our part in sharing the hope we have through Jesus Christ as well as coming alongside the local Church to encourage and inspire increased participation through praying, giving and going. We believe the Lord has brought us to the region for such a time as this - to help bring Hope from Shore to Shore during this year in the Caribbean! Thank you for your support.

To sail Logos Hope one nautical mile costs approximately 80 Euros (equivalent to $100 USD or £70 GBP). Besides bringing the ship from port to port, fuel is also needed to keep the generators running – providing lighting, air conditioning and electricity to make life and ministry on board possible. 

Would you consider giving the equivalent of a tank of fuel for your car to help take the ships to some of the world's neediest places? Gifts to the Fuel Fund literally keep the Ship Ministry going!

Please help us bring knowledge, help and hope to these nations in the name of Jesus. Thank you for your support.

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  • 25 PER MONTH

    Give per month.
    Your gifts enable Logos Hope to take the Gospel to the nations.

  • 50 ONE TIME

    Leave a one-time gift.
    God works through your generous gifts to transform lives and communities.

  • 100 ONE TIME

    Leave a one-time gift.
    Thank you for your faithful partnership in keeping God's ship moving.

Other Amount


  • MDTe3 Gap Year Program

    Do you hunger for more of God and desire to be used and grow in your giftings, for His glory?

  • R54033

    Women's Ministry Worker

    Many women in Albania are living without hope. They work very hard both in and out of the home and are often limited by their husbands or fathers about where they can go and what they can do.

  • R53839

    Capacity Building Catalyst (M)

    Our organization is in an exciting transition period of building capacity and releasing greater responsibility into the hands of national staff.

  • R57336

    Logos Hope: Carpenter - Long and Short Term Roles Available

    As a Carpenter, you work as part of the Maintenance team who is responsible for maintaining adequate and comfort living and working conditions all around the ship.