Roots and Vision

    “We will press forward until every creature has heard the Gospel…the world is our goal!”
    OM Co-Founder, George Verwer


    A Legacy of Love

    When college student George Verwer and his two friends journeyed to Mexico to share Christ’s love in 1957, the response was overwhelming. The young men subsequently opened a Christian bookshop and launched Christian radio broadcasts there. As the friends expanded their reach to Europe, they proclaimed the great truth that God uses His people to reach the nations. Christians rose in response, and OM was born.

    Over the decades, our commitment to those who do not know God’s love has translated into a multitude of ways to share God’s love—from ministries serving refugees and the vulnerable, to international youth events and Christian art programs, to a ship that travels the world to share His love and serve communities in need. We strive to creatively shine the light of Christ in all we say and do, so that His love may reach the farthest corners of the world.

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    • Who We Are

      We are a global community of Jesus followers, united to bring God’s love to those who don’t know it.

      Our Story

    • Methods

      A posture of love and care is not only evident in our prayer, worship and interactions, but in our systems, processes and structures. We lead with love in our work and life, and with our finances and resources as well.


    • Foundations

      Following God’s call and mandate, we hold five ideas to be foundations which, along with prayer, must shape and guide each of us as we serve, and as we inspire and prepare more Jesus followers for God’s mission.