Afghanistan is so much more than what we hear and see in the news. Its majestic mountains are witnesses to a long history and rich, deep-rooted traditions. Afghanistan is described as ‚ÄėThe crossroads of Asia‚Äô. Afghans are proud of their ancient heritage, great civilisations, diversity of cultures and ways of showing hospitality.

"For centuries Afghans have been creating, building, writing, drawing‚ÄĒseeking to craft an identity of who we are. In this there is hope, hope for tomorrow, for an Afghanistan with dignity." ‚ÄstPresident¬†Ashraf Ghani

Yet forty years of conflict, still ongoing, have also marked this land deeply. The contrast lies in the beauty of the landscape with the reality of so many people living in grinding poverty. Joblessness abounds (about 45 per cent) while thousands of refugees are sent back weekly from Iran, Pakistan and Europe. Afghans are dismayed by the lack of progress and foreign investment in development and the rebuilding of infrastructure.

In this dire situation, we want to be a people who can shine rays of hope. Would you like to be such a ray? 

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