Church Mobilizer

Establish and/or maintain relations with Pastors and their Churches, helping OM Panama to create new partnership relationships with them and Recruit new Potential Missionaries.

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Comunication Officer

Coordinate the communication strategy as well as the Communications Department of OM Panama.

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Short Term Coordinator

We are looking for someone with good organizational and communication skills and a passion for reaching unreached peoples to oversee our short-term outreach area.
You would be working with a multicultural team, based in a large city.  You would have plenty of opportunity for your own personal ministry alongside organizing the short-term outreaches.

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Arts Ministry Worker – Actor/Actress

Do you enjoy arts and showing Jesus with your skills. OM Panama is looking for you!
The Arts Mobilization Ministry is focused on connecting with churches through the arts, creating a relationship with them, allowing us to mobilize them to the least-reached and connect with artists that did not know Jesus yet, as well help to raise funds for OM Panama as part of sustainability efforts.

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Writer and Photographer

Do you like to be a storyteller?. Do you enjoy writing and taking pictures?

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Finance Officer

Handling all the Finance Operations of OM Panama, provide reports, deposits, withdraws, participate in audits, and do internal audits.

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OM Panama is focusing on mobilizing the local church for world mission and to fulfill the great commission.

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To the streets

Crewmembers from Logos Hope describe what it’s like to share God’s love with those they meet on the streets of Latin America.

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This is how God showed His power

Martin (Argentina) wasn’t sure whether short-term missions was his idea or God’s—until he went on an unforgettable 14-day outreach to Panama.

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Breaking into freedom

Balboa, Panama :: Crewmembers teach sewing skills to young mothers from a local tribe and donate sewing machines to the community.

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