Discipleship is a lifelong journey of daily steps. It takes intentionality and commitment to live as a disciple every day with family, friends, neighbours and co-workers.

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That’s where OM’s new ministry resource DiscipleStep can help.

DiscipleStep is a simple online tool that will help Jesus followers think outwardly by taking a small step of faith and obedience. Participants set a goal; anything from sharing your faith with a friend to giving your boss an encouraging note and are encouraged along the way to follow through with their commitment.

Taking a DiscipleStep can be a significant step in a believers journey with Jesus, and we think this new resource will be a great benefit to individuals, small groups and churches.

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A Resource from OM's Mission Gap Project

There's a great divide between what we as Christians are called to do and what we actually do.

It's called the Mission Gap.

And it presents church and ministry leaders with a powerful opportunity

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