Days of Prayer

Praying for our
Hindu neighbours

Did you know that Hindus make up the second-largest, least-reached religious group in the world? About 1.2 billion people are Hindus.

Did you know? Hinduism is too varied and complex to be described as a singular religion. The word “Hinduism” and the identifier “Hindu” is commonly and comfortably used by Hindus themselves to describe a broad set of ideas, cultural practices and collective identity that is based more on birth community and family than a belief system.

Will you intercede for our Hindu neighbours? Will you join us as we lift up these precious people, families and communities who are in desperate need of the good news of Jesus?

You can join us on the Prayer Reach app during November or pray on your own any time you like!


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Prayer Reach is an app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices that acts as a catalyst for prayer that reaches into the communities of the world where churches are few, and Jesus followers are often not present. By spending time in prayer for people who do not yet know God's amazing love, we align our hearts and minds with His, and open ourselves to how He might desire to use us for His work in the world.

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Some of the content provided in Prayer Reach is adapted from content created by amazing volunteers and the team at World Prayer Guides. If you would like a printed booklet or .pdf version of these guides, or wish to offer a donation to support their work, please visit