God of unity

written by OM International

A team of crewmembers has encouraged pastors and church leaders to work together and build their capacity to send to and support mission opportunities among least-reached people without access to the gospel.

Some believers in the city of Rosario had explained to the crewmembers that churches tend to be separate and can focus on their own denomination or congregation, without often working together as one body. Claude*, who has over 30 years of experience in sharing the gospel around the world, focussed his message on unity. 

Claude explained that Christ is the head of one body, the Church, and that each person who follows Jesus is a member of this body. They are called to work together for one shared purpose. “Strategic partnership in world mission is one of the most important things. We see in Scripture that God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. That community is the example for us. Working together is God’s design from the very beginning,” says Claude. 

The conclusion of his focus on unity was to pass on a message Claude had received personally. He told the audience, “I left my home because God said, 'My Church in Latin America is ready.' Ready to send and support missionaries, having previously mainly received them.”

A crewmember from Western and Central Asia shared his perspective on the personal sacrifices made by those who become followers of Jesus from other religious backgrounds. Claude affirmed this, telling the audience, "More people are coming to faith in Christ through dreams and visions… As they get God’s Word and relationships with Christians, they are beginning to grow and even share the gospel too.” 

Camila Babativa (Colombia) ended the meeting by asking for those who were willing to go into mission to stand. More than 20 people rose from their seats, declaring their intention share the gospel further.

*Name changed.

Argentina: Rosario, Argentina :: Camila Babativa (Colombia) tells church members and leaders of her experience among least-reached people in Central Asia.

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