Mosbach, Germany or Florence USA: Online Marketing Manager

Are you drawn to the online world? Do you love technology?  Then we have an opportunity for you to use your skills to effectively promote and communicate the message of our ministry through social media!


1. Website management

Maintain, develop and support the Ship Ministry’s website properties in order to maximise the potential for our audience to partner with the ministry.

2. Email marketing and communications management

Develop and support the Ship Ministry’s email communications systems in order to ensure the most effective use of the tools for marketing and communications purposes.

3. Social media management

Oversee social media development in order to maximise the potential of those channels for marketing and communications.

4. Project management

Oversee and participate in other projects as agreed in order to further develop tools and capacity.

Start date
As soon as possible
Length of Commitment
1 Year
Full or part time
Full Time
Ships, Technical and Practical Skills, Communications

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