People Care, a ministry of OM International, is founded on the importance of the spiritual formation of each member of our community. From that foundation we desire to develop and enhance a People Care Culture that protects and develops our greatest asset: Our people. Our defnition of a People Care Culture is “loving and valuing people with grace and integrity”.

The People Care Course aims to equip workers, leaders and people-care providers all over the world to become more effective in their areas of service. When Christian workers receive and give good quality people care, they remain healthy, resilient, empowered and fruitful in their personal lives, working relationships and in sharing the love of Jesus with the peoples of the world.


Coaching is a one-on-one intentional relationship designed to promote personal growth and skill development. For the ongoing development of the participant’s people care skills, the PCC offers six monthly coaching sessions following the course. Coaching is provided by PCC staff to support the course graduate as they seek to implement the skills and knowledge they gained in the course in real life settings and ministry experiences.


The structure of the courses is designed to optimize both immediate and long-term people care skills development. The teaching style of the courses accesses the dialogue learning method, actively engaging participants with the material and other parcipants in order to gain maximum skill development. Personal awareness and growth form an integral part of the courses.Both courses build upon and are recommended for those who have completed OM’s Face to Face course or have had similar personal and interpersonal development training and experience.

    LEVEL 1

    This 6-day course* is designed to be an introduction to basic people care skills. It prepares the participant to care for and support community members, team members, colleagues and friends facing the regular ups and downs of life prevalent in any environment and intensified in cross-cultural living and service. Session topics include:

    • Overview of People Care
    • Qualities of a People Care provider
    • Listening and Empathy Training
    • Personal Debriefing Skills
    • Conflict Management
    • Intercultural People Care
    • Transition and Change
    • Maintaining Healthy Margins

    *Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, our current courses will be hosted online as 3, 2-day modules. They run 8 hours each day and a Western Hemisphere and an Eastern Hemisphere course will be run simultaneously. See the dates and details below.

    LEVEL 2

    The 6-day Level 2 course builds on Level 1 topics as well as adding more complex topics that PC providers encounter in their ministries such as:

    • The Ethical Foundations of People Care
    • Advanced Listening Skills
    • Psychological First Aid
    • Supporting Teams, Families, Marriages, and Singles
    • Supporting Trauma Survivors
    • Supporting Good Emotional and Mental Health on the field — including recognizing disorders and addictions
    • Advanced Debriefing Skills

    Pre-course assignments are given about a month before the course takes place.  Applicants will need to schedule about 6-8 hours to complete these.


    The People Care Course (PCC) is designed for all those who are interested in improving their ability to support colleagues’ personal and interpersonal growth and their own self-care as they serve in ministry. The PCC is specifically designed to benefit leaders and those with people care or personnel roles.



    People Care Course Level 1 (1-3 times a year):

    Date Location Cost Time
    Pending Ikaalinen, Finland Cost: to be determined  


    People Care Course Level 2 (once every second year):

    Date Location Cost
    Pending Pending Cost: to be determined


    €20 surcharge on all PCC applications completed within two months of start of course.

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