Riverboat community members shared an encouraging evening with refugees, worshipping and studying the Bible together in Arabic. Organised by a couple who has lived in Egypt for 20 years, the Arabic Bible study class started in 2015 when an influx of Syrians came into the Netherlands.

“They were looking for places to house the refugees,” shared Frans*, who started the class with his wife, both fluent Arabic speakers. “One of these places was a former prison in Arnhem, which was less than one km from this church!” It was the perfect opportunity to reach out to the 450 Syrians now living close to home.

The class recently embarked on a new chapter to learn about evangelism and God’s purpose for us to be a part of it. It was timely for community members to join and share about their journey. “I was weeping when God showed me that my ambition was my idol and told me to give it up,” shared Lina*, who has been serving in Africa for the past ten years. Another community member, Marleen Barnard (Netherlands), who had served with OM in Zambia and Uganda, said, “I have been to Africa five times and have seen many people come to know Jesus. However, coming back to Netherlands, I realised many in my own country didn’t know Him. It was devastating.”

The testimonies were a great encouragement for the refugees. One, an Iraqi, had just been baptised two weeks ago. The class ended with everyone designing a poster to reach out and invite other refugees to join them. Class sizes fluctuate a lot due to refugees moving around the country. May this class be a beacon of light to those passing through Arnhem.

* Name changed to security reasons


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