Four teenage boys were wandering along the river, observing the risen water level when Riverboat community member, Harm Jan Willem Scholten (Netherlands) spotted them. “Hi! I’m Harm Jan and I live on this boat. Do you want to check out our escape room onboard?” They were a little afraid at first because they misheard him saying ‘Haram’ which means ‘thief’ in Arabic.

It turned out that the boys, of Arabic-Muslim background, were refugees living away from their family in the Netherlands. Their fascination with being on a boat for the first time made up for the initial embarrassing episode. While experiencing The Agency, the boys were thrilled and didn’t have any problems until they arrived at the trust tunnel. “You could see they were very fearful and had issues with trust,” shared Harm Jan. “I had to hold them and lead them, step by step, to get through the tunnel.”

During the debriefing, the boys shared that they had felt a pull in their hearts to come on board even before the invitation, not understanding why. One boy revealed that he really felt God was with him in the trust tunnel. When debriefer, Sandra Jagroep (Netherlands), asked which God he was talking about, he could only answer vaguely, “Just, God?”

Seizing the opportunity, Sandra explained to them about God – the one who loves us so much that He sent Jesus to die for our sins. Upon hearing this, the boys had tears in their eyes. Sandra encouraged the boys to keep exploring what the truth is. On leaving, they took home a booklet containing the gospel of John. “They are some of the kindest and most respectful boys I’ve met here in the Netherlands,” said Sandra. “I pray that God will reveal to them, whether in dreams or visions, who He truly is.”



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