Vrem să vedem comunități vii de urmași ai lui Hristos printre cei mai puțin evanghelizați. Vrei să te implici?


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    Faith through transition

    Millions of people have been displaced from their homes due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. In the storm of trials, Stefan, an OM worker, constantly sees God’s provision so he can serve others.

    • Hungry hearts, open doors

      When seasonal flooding arrives, Johnny and other OM workers traverse to remote areas and offer food to those who were hit the hardest.

    • The core of discipleship

      Nadar and his wife continue to choose to serve in their home country of Pakistan where they work to see many more Jesus followers equipped and inspired to share their faith with neighbours and friends.

    • Transformation through education

      By giving young people a chance to continue their education, Jo explains: “we become God’s instruments in transforming their lives, opening the doors into the lives of both the students and even their families."

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    Creating and connecting

    As one of six siblings in his family, Paulo grew up constantly connected to others. “I love sharing and talking to people, listening to other people’s experiences and being a part of their lives,” he says. “That connection somehow brings me closer to God as well. It’s just the way I was built.”

    Paulo, a software developer, recognises that his unique, God-given S.H.A.P.E. (spiritual gifts, heart/passions, abilities, personality and experiences) includes his natural ability to connect with people as well as his care and compassion for those who have never heard of God’s love. It also encompasses his propensity for numbers and computer science. Whether writing code, assigning functions or finding bugs, every aspect of the binary world in which Paulo works energises him, evidence of the passion and abilities God instilled in him.

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