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    A ministry of caring for creation 

    “It seems that people want to eliminate the environment,” shared Sinesio. “On the farm we do the opposite; we are restoring the environment."

    • The power of prayer

      Prayer and persistence were key in David's journey to becoming a believer. “Pray for countries even if you don’t know anyone there," he urges.

    • For an audience of One

      As a child, Taylor dreamt of travelling the world. Today, as a videographer with OM, she films stories across the globe that encourage the Church to get involved with God’s plan for missions.

    • They call her Love

      “We love because He loved us first,” said Love. “God wants us to be the light to others.”

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    A 15-day walk for discipleship

    The Amurli tribe of Pibor District, in Jonglei State of South Sudan, had not heard the gospel until 2021, when a believer named Tony Henry went to the area for three months and planted a house church. The fellowship began with nine people and later grew to 39. Unfortunately, the house the church met in was destroyed during tribal conflict, and the group dispersed.

    Tony Henry returned to his home in the capital city of Juba, but that was not the end.

    Not long after he left, a believer from the house church, Peter, made the 15-day walk to Juba — specifically to find Tony Henry and be discipled by him. Peter stayed with Tony Henry for three months, and together they studied church planting with believers from Sudan as well. At the end of the training, Peter returned to Pibor, determined to plant home churches both in his area and neighbouring regions. By the beginning of 2023, eight home churches have been started.

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