Vrem să vedem comunități vii de urmași ai lui Hristos printre cei mai puțin evanghelizați. Vrei să te implici?


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    'We will not give up'

    In an area where the population is mostly Buddhist, OM workers are seeing people turn to Christ after seeing the difference He makes.

    • Combining engineering with God’s mission

      Josh's concern for finding answers to humanity’s big problems — especially sustainable energy solutions — sparked an interest in engineering that eventually led him to Ukraine.

    • A ministry of caring for creation 

      “It seems that people want to eliminate the environment,” shared Sinesio. “On the farm we do the opposite; we are restoring the environment."

    • The power of prayer

      Prayer and persistence were key in David's journey to becoming a believer. “Pray for countries even if you don’t know anyone there," he urges.

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    Fishers of men

    Charles Chansa (Zambia) is full of gratitude to partner with the many disciples from the early church planting movement along the shores of Lake Tanganyika in Zambia. “They have the heart for the villages. That’s why for evangelism and discipleship, they are in the forefront, [with the OM team offering support and training],” said Charles who is the village ministry coordinator for the OM team. The desire of the believers to see other villages experience the same love of Jesus that they encountered is very encouraging to him.

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