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    Dear 2020...

    Rebecca and Renette share what 2020 taught them in a 'thank you' letter to the year.

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    An important role in God’s story

    When Markus (Germany/Netherlands), his wife, Vanesa (Argentina), and their family joined OM in Argentina in 2005, their goal was to motivate Christians in Argentinian churches to share the gospel with others. However, this purpose was not realised until a decade later.  

    For those 10 years, OM in Argentina was heavily involved in local outreach‚ÄĒfootball¬†programmes,¬†English classes,¬†children‚Äôs¬†ministry¬†and more.¬†With¬†six days of ministry¬†every week,¬†there wasn‚Äôt¬†time¬†to¬†visit churches and¬†teach about¬†the need¬†in the world.¬†¬†

    In 2015, Markus became the leader of the OM team in Argentina. Through a self-evaluation process, the team realised their direct ministries were not related to getting the church involved. Slowly, they began to align their ministries with their vision.  

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