OM exists in Romania to serve the Church in the Great Commission by mobilizing, training, equipping and sending out missionaries for short or long term trips in Romania and overseas.


After so many years of Romania receiving help from other countries, we believe now the time has come for Romania to be a blessing for others!


If you would like a missions presentation or conference in your church, please contact us and we will be happy to share our experiences with you!

Conferences and Presentations


We organize different events on several themes that are relevant to the Christian Community in Romania.

Sometimes these events take place at our headquarters, other times we travel to different locations where we have partners interested in world wide missions.


We do:

  • missions presentations in churches, during the service or in a special event planned for this.
  • missions conferences that can be a day long, a week-end long, or a couple of days.




In the absence of people, books are really good missionaries. We are trying to distribute as much Christian literature wherever we go, so when we leave, the people will still have something to help them find Christ and learn more about Him. 

The special tool we have for this is Bus4Life. The bus is actually a book shop that travels through Eastern Europe and when it stops in different places people can come and enjoy the programs organized together with the local church for them.