People interested in joining the Mission Field need a “heads-up” before they launch in the adventure of a life-time. We offer different training opportunities depending on how long the person wants to go for: short-term (1week-6 months) or long-term (6 months +). 


Our most exciting Training Program is MDT-e3.

MDTe3 (Missions Discipleship Training Eastern Europe Extreme) is an intensive training experience offered by OM Romania and OM Moldova lasting for 5 months, January to June. Participants will travel between these two countries and will learn basic skills for sharing The Gospel, also having opportunities to put these into practice in different cultural environments.


Partnering with local coaches around the country, we would like to organize different Sports Events, with the vision of training new coaches to implement Gospel-sharing materials into their practices. It’s know that Sports can bring together kids and youth from many different backgrounds and offer a platform to teach them also life-skills and character development along with the physical training.


In the future we would like to be able to offer training for local ministries and help them self-sustain the work they are doing without needing a lot of help from outside. This means most probably opening a local business. We named this Training “Business for Transformation” or B4T as we would like to see the local ministries becoming a blessing for the whole community at a bigger level.