Operation Mobilisation (OM for short) was born from the prayers of a woman who faithfully asked God to change the world through the students who passed by her house each day. In the 1950s, the Lord answered her prayer. Dorothea Clapp (USA) gave a copy of the Gospel of John to a young man, who then turned to God at one of the evangelism campaigns led by Billy Graham.

His name was George Verwer, the founder of OM.

At college, George met together regularly with another two colleagues for prayer. During this time they were moved by the spiritual needs of Mexico. In 1957, George and his colleagues sold things to raise money, and, giving up their summer holiday, they went to Mexico to distribute Christian literature. They repeated the experience the following summer and then, after graduating in 1960, George and his friends went to Europe. They started in Spain, preaching the Gospel and distributing literature.

However, after a short time, they realized that they couldn’t do this great work by themselves. They realized that there was need to mobilize God’s Church and, by implementing this plan, they saw hundreds of believers answering His call. Until 1963, 2,000 Christians took part in summer evangelism programs. At the same time, the first team was formed in India and the Muslim world. Their purpose: to preach the Gospel all those who hadn’t yet heard it.

Today, there are more than 3,500 workers, in more than 112 nations, bringing the truth of God to millions of people.



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