Stories from Romania


The power of love

When Ukrainians began pouring into neighbouring Romania the first to respond were the churches.

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Hugs, encouragement and 120 children under umbrellas

A recap of Bus4Life's ministry in Romania during the summer of 2018.

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Games, experiments and Bible stories

OM uses an educational programme called KidsGames to share Bible stories in a public school.

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Blast from the past - Bus4Life Romania

Surprises await Bus4Life coordinator Esko when visiting a Romanian village: Meeting orphaned girls saved on a visit 26 years ago, and the former Chief of Police from the Communist era.

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A Blessing to the World

Rafael Nastase is the field leader of OM Romania. He tells his story and describes the current work of OM Romania.

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Surprising danger, quick reaction, God's protection

Faith is strengthened when OMers learn how the Lord watches over them, not allowing harm to come to the people or the ministry.

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Being someone's miracle

“What a feeling it is to know you can be someone’s miracle…” shares a short-term worker after outreach with the OM Transit team in Romania.

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Led by the Spirit

Used by God beyond her skills as a dentist, an outreach participant shares the gospel with a disabled woman, whose life is forever changed.

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Romanian teen responds to God’s love

Since 2007, the Bus4Life has visited 150 locations, welcomed 10,000 visitors and touched many lives, including one Romanian teen who comes back to God.

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OM founder visits Romania

OM founder George Verwer speaks at the Romanian Brethren Assembly about living a pure life and standing against the issue of abortion.

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Feeding hungry hearts

People who dig through landfills during the week to provide for their families find rest along with spiritual and physical nourishment at church on Sundays.

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Surviving the white hell

Earlier this year, a severe storm blanketed Romania in snow that left hundreds stranded. A team brought food, wood and hope to victims.

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Right there, in that place

Michael (Kenya) participates in a short-term mission trip to Romania and gives an account of God's transforming power at work amongst the Roma people.

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Short-term missions—long-term goals

Europe short-term mission coordinators gather in Sibiu, Romania, to increase vision, gain training and share resources for greater impact in Europe.

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Tragic accident brings salvation to village

A Roma man’s cry to God for mercy to spare his son’s life transforms his future and the future of his small town.

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Dental student spends summer caring for Roma community

Catherine, from the UK, joined an OM team in July to host a dental clinic and outreach for the residents of Pădureni.

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Sleepless in Padureni

As Rafael, the leader of OM Romania, lies awake in the middle of the night, he shares about the OM outreach to the Roma people he and his family are taking part in. They’ve set up a mobile clinic in Padureni, and through games, sports and Bible stories, the community is learning about God’s love.

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Loving the Most Hated People in Europe

Work of OM Romania among the Roma population

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Romanian Revolution!

Work of OM Romania, partnering with the church

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