Vlore, Albania :: Noah Caissie (Canada) and Miranda McIntyre (USA) build cabinets in a carpentry work shop.

Learning new skills together

Vlore, Albania :: Crewmembers work alongside a carpenter to support different projects.

Crewmembers have been working alongside a carpenter on shore for some weeks, building shelves for different projects.

Philemon, a German believer and carpenter with the organisation ‘5+2’, explains the purpose of opening his own workshop. “We always had the calling to use our skills for ministry and when we came to Albania, we started a business workshop.”

For him that is a great opportunity to train local people. He explains, “My goal with the whole project is not only to create work and perspective for them but that they experience fulfilment during the work. For me working together with people also means spending time together, sharing life and [encouraging] one another.”

Crewmember Chris Dreher (Germany) says, “It was really nice to see our organisation working together with another one and supporting them... to see [first hand] the need in the country, to work with them and to see what kind of partnership they have with the local people.

“The people who moved to Albania to serve the community really aim to help the local people to understand what they can do for a living. I could see that they really love their work and not only work for money.”

Miranda McIntyre (USA) enjoyed her day in the workshop as well. She says, “I got to try something I'd never done before, and I learned a lot. Philemon introduced us to some of the community and it was so nice getting to know the people we were serving as everyone was so very welcoming!”

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