Vlore, Albania :: Chris Polum (USA) goes through the flag tunnel that crewmembers make to welcome the new volunteers.

The start of something new

Vlorë, Albania :: New crewmembers joining the ship are welcomed on board.

The sounds of beating drums, rustling flags and shouting fill the air, as Logos Hope volunteers officially welcome 100 new crewmembers from 37 different nationalities into their community. Full of excitement, energy and anticipation, they are eager to begin serving on board in a variety of roles, and for all the opportunities that lie ahead of them. “There are a lot of things I wanted to learn, like first aid, and here I have the opportunity”, says Sofia Iracheta (Argentina).

The new crew, having completed their initial training and orientation, are now becoming acquainted with the busyness and dynamics of ship life. Despite the challenges that may present themselves, many volunteers share a sense of joy and optimism about their new working roles and community life on board. Benjamin Williams (Canada) says, “I just want to work. I’m ready to go! You’ve just got to give 100 per cent to whatever you’re doing.” Amazed by the chance to live in such a multicultural community, he continues, “Every single person calls somewhere else their home. Normal is different for everyone and we’re all in this new space that we’re going to call normal in a couple of months. One of the most beautiful parts is when we worship together. We get a taste of [heaven] and how one day all the tribes and all the tongues will worship, but now we get 60. We’re pretty lucky that we get that.”

Saunval Pateliya (India) echoes this sentiment, saying, “Every culture has its own way of communicating, but everybody is willing to talk to everyone, everybody is willing to make good friends. It’s super rare and that’s something I’m really excited about.”

And so they begin, with joyful hearts and ready hands, willing to be used by God in this next chapter of their lives on board Logos Hope.

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