Finding refuge in God

written by Cristina Amato

Grace Wilson, a 33-year old woman from Kakata, Liberia, joined Logos Hope in February 2022.

As a child, she could never have imagined living and working on a ship, visiting different countries and sharing hope with others.

She explains, “In 1989, the first Liberian civil war started and so I fled to Ghana with other refugees, as my family went missing in the chaos. Suddenly, as a little child, I was on my own. I lived in a refugee camp in Ghana and things were very hard. I had to live with strangers, struggle to get food, and work for it as a young child. Later, I had to beg people to pay my tuition for school.”

When she was 10, Grace was invited to the church in the camp. She remembers, “The believers there were so sweet to me. Even though the church was poor, the church members managed to give me food. I saw a reason to be with Christ, because that's the only place that I could find refuge and peace.”

When she was a teenager, she was adopted by an American couple. Grace says, “Step by step, my life became better, and I can say that life with Christ is beautiful!

Having become a believer in tragic circumstances, she is thankful about knowing and experiencing God. She found refuge in Him, unlike many of her friends, who tried to fill the emptiness in their hearts with relationships with different men. In desperation, some turned to prostitution to escape poverty. She explains, “This is why I also joined outreaches to women working in the red-light district. I don’t judge them. Life can make us do desperate things but following God is always the better option!”

When Grace heard that Logos Hope would come to West Africa, she excitedly applied to become part of the crew, and joined in Ghana. She will stay on board for two years, and is part of the Hotel Services Team, affectionately known as the ‘angels’ on board.

Her painful past can encourage others on board and on shore. Grace says, “I had nobody in this world. I understand what it means to have nothing. But now, here I am on Logos Hope. So, I want to share the joy that I have received from God with others. It's hard for someone who is in so much pain that they can’t see God. It's true. It’s not easy, but we can have faith in God. He does so many miraculous things for us. For me, growing up in a refugee camp and now being on board Logos Hope is a big miracle.”