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ist eine überkonfessionelle christliche Organisation, die sich für Bildung, Hilfe und Hoffnung einsetzt.


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Seville, Spain

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Afloat again!

Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: With work on the hull completed, Logos Hope goes back into the water while maintenance work on board continues.

  • Serving in communities

    Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: Teams sent out across the Canary Islands are involved in a wide variety of ministry opportunities.

  • Annual maintenance begins

    Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: Logos Hope goes into the period of annual maintenance while teams spread around the islands and beyond to serve communities.

  • Meeting the world in one place

    Las Palmas, Gran Canaria :: A cultural event takes place on board the ship.

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Ready, set, go!

Logos Hope is back in action after all the work was completed on schedule, with the safety checks and inspections passed, and the passenger ship safety certificate renewed for another year of service.

“We have completed the 2022 dry dock project. We are grateful to each one who has supported, prayed and encouraged us along the way. Most of all, we acknowledge with thanks all those on board who worked so hard to finish the work we started out to do,” says Project Supervisor Matt Blair (Australia). “It takes much planning to manage more than 140 people to complete over 500 jobs – working alongside the shipyard and other sub-contractors, sequenced so that we do not get in each other’s way. We are glad that we have such great quality leaders taking responsibility for their assigned areas. No question, we were blessed with everyone working together as a team with high morale.”

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Die Schiffe

Seit 1970 haben wir 4 verschiedene Schiffe betrieben...

  • Logos Hope

    Die Logos Hope wurde im Februar 2009 offiziell in Betrieb genommen.

  • Doulos

    Die Doulos wurde 1977 gekauft und war bis Anfang 2010 für OM Ships unterwegs.

  • Logos II

    Die Logos II wurde 1988 gekauft und schloss ihren Dienst im Juli 2008 ab.

  • Die erste Logos

    Das bahnbrechende erste Schiff von OM, die Logos, wurde 1970 gekauft und war 17 Jahre lang unterwegs.