Afloat again!

Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: With work on the hull completed, Logos Hope goes back into the water while maintenance work on board continues.

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Serving in communities

Las Palmas, Canary Islands :: Teams sent out across the Canary Islands are involved in a wide variety of ministry opportunities.

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Meeting the world in one place

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria :: A cultural event takes place on board the ship.

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Bienvenido a bordo – Logos Hope opens in Gran Canaria

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria :: Logos Hope arrives in Europe after six years abroad and the President of the Canary Islands officially opens the bookfair.

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God’s perfect timing

Monrovia,Liberia :: A crewmember returns back to her roots.

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Providing community support

Monrovia,Liberia :: Volunteers help a community in Monrovia through different projects.

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Freedom and relief behind prison bars

Monrovia,Liberia :: Crewmembers visit a local prison alongside members of the Prison Fellowship Liberia on a daily basis to provide services for the inmates and share God's love with them.

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Returning to Liberia at a historic time

Monrovia,Liberia :: Liberia's Vice President Jewel Taylor officially opens Logos Hope's bookfair.

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Finding refuge in God

OM Ships :: Grace flees the first Liberian civil war and finds refuge in God.

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Building together

Takoradi, Ghana :: Logos Hope volunteers connect with local church members while working side by side on a building project.

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Returning to Takoradi with royalty on board

Takoradi, Ghana :: Logos Hope returns to Takoradi.

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Clearer focus and increased understanding

Tema, Ghana :: Logos Hope crewmembers share God’s love by meeting people's need of glasses.

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Free indeed

Tema, Ghana :: Logos Hope’s crewmembers were amazed to meet a seafarer who had been held captive by pirates for two years and nine months.

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Highlighting the dangers of human trafficking

Tema, Ghana :: Logos Hope crewmembers visit different groups and institutions to raise awareness about the dangers of human trafficking.

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Language matters

Tema, Ghana :: Having more than 340 crewmembers from 66 nations on board helps make the most of opportunities to connect with many different groups of people on shore.

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The royal gathering

Tema, Ghana :: Several royals and distinguished guests from Ghana visit Logos Hope.

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A beach day with a difference

Tema, Ghana :: Crewmembers collecting trash at a local beach make a big impression, and friends along the way.

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Official opening of bookfair, Tema

Bookfair officially opens in Tema

Tema. Ghana :: Logos Hope opens her doors to the public in the port of Tema, Ghana, which she last visited in 2016.

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A challenging yet special time

Takoradi, Ghana :: The crew is ready to re-open to the public after several weeks of being in lockdown.

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Saved for a purpose

Having survived two life-threatening car accidents, Gift wants to live his life encouraging others to seek God.

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