What Others Say

    "One of the joys I have experienced is working with OM Ships in Latin America... the ships have been used effectively for pastors' conferences and evangelistic meetings."

    - Luis Palau, international evangelist.

    The ministry of the OM ships was what propelled us to begin what we now call the Latin American missionary movement. The ships connected us for the first time with Christians from many parts of the world who shared their testimonies and invited us to participate in the work beyond our borders.

    - Daniel Bianchi, Latin America regional director, Lausanne

    "OM Ships is the greatest book ministry in the world."

    - Loren Cunningham, founder, Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

    "The distribution of Christian literature through OM Ships is particularly imaginative and important."

    - The late John Stott, Chaplain to Queen Elizabeth II, influential Christian writer.

    "It's amazing what is accomplished during a brief visit by the ship to a country. This kind of impact would normally take years."

    - Brother Andrew van der Bijl, Bible-smuggling missionary, founder, Open Doors.

    "The unique vision of Operation Mobilization and their ships are well known to Christians around the world...may the many outreach conferences win many to the saving faith in our Lord Jesus and help many Christians to refocus their understanding and commitment to the great commission."

    - The late Billy Graham, world-renowned evangelist.

    "I believe their work is vital in meeting human need. OM's Ship Ministry has captured the imagination of the world-wide evangelical community."

    - The late David Wilkerson, pastor and author.

    "OM's Ship Ministry stands firm on the Word of God and works willingly with the local church."

    - The late Alan Redpath, evangelist, pastor and author.

    "You have my admiration for living together in harmony, because you demonstrate that people who have different styles of life and different languages and different ethnic backgrounds can still live together. Let me express my deep admiration and thanks for the wonderful work that you do."

    - President Jimmy Carter, Former President of the United States of America

    "The very fact that you can have under one roof people from virtually every country in the world is a magnificent symbol to the modern world."

    - Mr. John Hume, 1998 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

    "Thank you for the ship’s ministry of bringing hope and unity to the nations. May all your activities continue to bring God’s peace to the world."

    - Mrs. Lee Hui-ho, former First Lady of South Korea

    "I am heartened to note the continuing mission of the floating book exhibition and international community service project to heighten mutual appreciation of various nations for each others society and culture."

    - President Fidel Ramos, former President of the Philippines

    "In carrying a message of hope and goodwill to the ports she visits, Doulos provides a unique service to people of all races throughout the world. Faced with ever increasing global conflict and tension, your efforts are certainly needed and are welcome. Throughout your efforts the world will no doubt become a better place in which to live."

    - His Majesty King Goodwill Zwelithini, King of the Zulus