A message of love

Tampico, Mexico :: Children visiting Logos Hope learn that spreading love and helping others can make the world a better place.

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Return to the least reached

Veracruz, Mexico :: Teams reach out to people in a remote mountain community which was impacted by previous OM Ships volunteers, decades ago.

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Back in action!

Tampico, Mexico :: After a five-week maintenance period, Logos Hope resumes her schedule in a new port, to an enthusiastic reception.

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Trusting God when it hurts

Mexico City, Mexico :: A crewmember on a ministry team in Mexico City meets a faith-filled teenager with an inspiring testimony.

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Homeless people find their eternal home

Veracruz, Mexico :: A team from Logos Hope points homeless people to Christ at a church outreach.

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In for maintenance

Veracruz, Mexico :: Logos Hope closes to the public for her annual phase of routine maintenance work.

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New record set in Veracruz!

Veracruz, Mexico :: The Ship Ministry receives the largest number of visitors in a single port, breaking a 30-year record.

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Serving on shore for a season

Veracruz, Mexico :: An overview of the various initiatives crewmembers have dispersed to while Logos Hope undergoes her annual maintenance.

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Bookfair reopens in Veracruz

Veracruz, Mexico :: Visitors to Logos Hope are delighted to learn they have longer to visit the ship than originally scheduled.

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Latin bridge to the least reached

Veracruz, Mexico :: Workers from Central Asia share their stories and challenge event participants to think about their part in global missions.

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A new passion to serve God

Veracruz, Mexico :: As crewmembers visit a church, they find a surprise link between a Japanese family and the Mexican congregation.

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A very special visitor

Veracruz, Mexico :: Logos Hope's bookfair receives its seven millionth visitor and celebrates the important milestone.

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A message of love and hope

Veracruz, Mexico :: Crewmembers visit the Free Brothers Church to share their message of love and hope with the community.

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A warm welcome for the message

Veracruz, Mexico :: Logos Hope is welcomed to Mexico with fanfare and excitement as people get behind the endeavour of sharing knowledge, help and hope.

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Motoring on

At Sea :: Logos Hope's rescue boats receive new engines, ensuring they remain equipped to respond to an emergency.

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The language of faith

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala :: Logos Hope's volunteers bring an international aspect to a motivating festival for young people.

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Living proof that God can use you

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala :: Young men hear how God is using people with unlikely track records in mission service aboard Logos Hope.

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New hope for schoolchildren

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala :: Crewmembers visit a school without a permanent building and find the pupils eager to learn.

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No coincidence: an answer to prayer

Puerto Barrios, Guatemala :: Logos Hope is welcomed by the mayor, who believes the ship brings what the city needs.

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Worn-out bodies but new spiritual life

Cartagena, Colombia :: Logos Hope's volunteers share the message of hope for the future with elderly residents at a nursing home.

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