Stories of Hope


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  • Unexpected Outcomes


    Hear about a family whose kids learn to share the love of God


  • Boatloads of Opportunities


    Hear about a couple who served on Logos Hope in a unique way


  • Having fun is no disability


    Hear about how God can use people despite language barriers


  • Just browsing


    Hear about a crewmember just browsing in a souvenir shop


  • In the middle of the night


    Hear about the connection Logos Hope made with a homeless woman


  • Tracked down


    Hear about a young girl who tracks Logos Hope on Google Earth


  • Hidden purpose


    Hear about someone who decided to read their Bible more


  • Brokenness for Joy


    Hear about Princess who found joy


  • Communities come together


    Hear about a lasting legacy of literacy left in Guyana


  • Healing Hope


    Hear about a family in need blessed through a recent visit


  • A different kind of security


    Hear how some local ladies learn about real security


  • Stainless


    Hear how a young man's cleaned teeth help him remember a bigger change


  • Like a dream come true


    Hear about a special encounter that started at the gangway


  • Hope for Kids


    Hear about a visit to an organisation that helps kids


  • Childrens Area


    Hear about a mother encouraged through an interaction


  • A 25 year old memory


    Hear how Logos Hope brought back memories


  • The Hungry Crewmember


    Hear about a special opportunity despite the time


  • Reconciliation


    Hear how a visit to Logos Hope brought healing


  • Iceland's Prisoner


    Hear a remarkable story of one visitor from Iceland


  • Trouble Makers


    Hear about some young guys who visited the ship


  • Would You Marry Me?


    Hear about a unique proposal


  • After Closing Time


    Hear about a late tour that impacted a couple


  • The Park


    Hear about some people who met Jesus in a park


  • Lifeboat 7


    Hear about one man's life being impacted in Lifeboat 7