Bookfair officially opens in Tema

Tema. Ghana :: Logos Hope opens her doors to the public in the port of Tema, Ghana, which she last visited in 2016.

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A challenging yet special time

Takoradi, Ghana :: The crew is ready to re-open to the public after several weeks of being in lockdown.

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Saved for a purpose

Having survived two life-threatening car accidents, Gift wants to live his life encouraging others to seek God.

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Christmas party for 1,200 children!

Freetown, Sierra Leone :: An onshore event for children brings festive cheer at a school complex.

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Knowledge and joy through books

Freetown, Sierra Leone :: Logos Hope's crewmembers create a library in a school that has longed for one for years.

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Help in the aftermath: Freetown family facility

Freetown, Sierra Leone :: Crewmembers help an organisation practically while the founders support the people affected from a fuel tanker explosion.

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Building to empower others

Freetown, Sierra Leone :: Crewmembers help to build an institute in which women will learn how to sew.

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The end is just the beginning

OM Ships :: A look at how one former crewmember is using what he learnt on board in a new initiative in his home country.

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God can’t be locked in

Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia :: Crewmembers visit Saint Lucia's main prison to encourage the inmates.

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A welcome return to Saint Lucia

Vieux Fort, Saint Lucia :: Logos Hope opens her bookfair in the southern port on the island.

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Bahamians blessed by free eye tests

Freeport, The Bahamas :: People who have been unable to see an optician receive sight tests and glasses from Logos Hope.

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Investing in young lives to guide their journey

Freeport, Bahamas :: Crewmembers visit an orphanage to encourage the children living there.

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Sometimes the answer is not getting any answer!

OM Ships :: Atipa Kashimoto (Zambia) shares about her journey with God and what made her join Logos Hope.

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Love in action: painting a container and distributing vegetables

Freeport, Bahamas :: Logos Hope supports a local feeding programme.

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Returning to be – and bring – light

Abaco Islands, The Bahamas :: Teams of crew return to the scene of a devastating hurricane to continue rebuilding efforts and encourage people.

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“The word ‘father’ has real meaning now”

OM Ships :: Jareht hated his father, who’d walked out on five sons when Jareht was just four years old. By the age of 16, Jareht was close to ending his life. But God showed him what a true Father He is. Now, Jareht is serving on board OM’s ship, sharing God’s transforming love with others.

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‘For after many days you will find it again’

Nassau, Bahamas :: A Bahamian government minister shares how his life was transformed after an encounter with the Ship Ministry.

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Containers create a chain of blessing

OM Ships :: The onshore literature ministry's sponsorship scheme to help struggling ministries in other parts of the world through the pandemic.

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Simply showing God's love and care

Castries, Saint Lucia :: Ship volunteers visit a shelter for people who used to live on the streets and people suffering with mental ill-health.

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Two organisations, one vision

Castries, Saint Lucia :: Logos Hope supports the ongoing work of The Salvation Army.

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