“Because this is something different”

written by OM International

At the beginning of June Logos Hope arrived in Seville, the capital and largest city of the Spanish region and province of Andalusia.

With great pleasure, the crew welcomed Seville’s mayor Antonio Muñoz Martínez on board.

Welcoming the guest of honour, ambassadors of numerous nations and other distinguished guests, Captain James Berry (United Kingdom) said, “It's a great privilege for us to be here in Seville... We really enjoy seeing the beautiful city and the diversity and the rich history here... And just as you also have a rich culture and heritage, I hope you can see some of the culture that we have on board.”

Ship Director Randy Grebe (USA) explained, “As we embark on our time here to the end of the month I look forward to continuing partnership with you. As a non-government organisation we really work through your partnership... So from my heart to your heart: Mi casa es su casa (The English translation for the Spanish proverb is ‘My house is your house’).”

Seville’s mayor Antonio Muñoz Martínez said, “When I received the proposal to visit the ship, that caught my attention. Because this is something different. [Logos Hope] brings knowledge, hope and culture. And that's what Sevilla is all about. Sevilla is a historical city. Culture is very important [for us]. This is the reason why I scheduled [my visit]... It is an honour that a ship like this, with different nationalities is going around the world, and that you have decided to come to Seville. I hope this is not the only time you are here. And you know that you have a city hall that is willing to work with you and to partner with you.”

During the stay in Seville, the crew will, among other things, support a food bank, visit elderly homes, organize a football tournament and connect with young people to support them in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Mayor Muñoz Martínez officially opened Logos Hope’s bookfair which is now open to the people in Seville from Mondays – Sundays from 4pm to 11:30pm until June 28, 2022. Entrance: 1 Euro.