Christ's unfulfilled command

written by OM International

Volunteers from Logos Hope have shared their experiences in mission with students at the Assembly of God Bible College in Georgetown.

The team offered encouragement to the students, who spanned a range of ages, and give them real-life insights into serving God overseas. Lennie* (East Asia) explained what faith looks like in her country, where most people are Buddhists and living as a Christian can be challenging.

She shared about leading a friend to Christ. She told her, “If you believe and trust in God, He will open your mind and heart.” After reading the Bible together for two months, Lennie saw her friend grow in understanding of scripture, with God's help.

The students applauded the reminder of God's power in drawing people to Himself. Lennie told them that her friend's life was transformed, which was evidence to her family and those around her – she was the only believer in her village.

Lennie explained that her village had been visited by French people who shared the gospel with them. "But in my country," she said, "people don’t know who Jesus is, so please pray.”

Junior, one of the Bible school students, said, “Hearing these real stories impacted us. It reminds us that the gospel is yet to be preached to many nations and people. We haven’t fulfilled the command given to us in Matthew chapter 28, verses 18 and 19. There is more work that needs to be done on the mission field and we as Christians need to be more involved in mission.”

The students had many questions for the ship’s volunteers. They and their teachers were interested to hear more about serving God on board Logos Hope, and several were considering mission service in the future. 

*Name changed