Creative connections

written by OM International

With their variety of backgrounds and cultures, Logos Hope’s crewmembers learn to share their knowledge among themselves, including the way they reach out to others with God's Word. A team visited a local church where they were given the opportunity to teach members some creative ways to share their testimonies and faith in their community and beyond.

The church was very receptive to Heber Marcos’s (Brazil) message, encouraging them to listen to God’s calling to share the truth they know, whether it be abroad in a different country, or at home with their neighbours. Heber explained that God has given each person a different gift, and each one of them can use this gift in His service.

Rafael Heineck (Brazil) gave concrete examples of creative ways to share the gospel. He admitted, “At the beginning I was worried to share in a conservative church but in the end some were excited!” Rafael gave many varied examples of ways that the gospel can be shared, using each individual’s passion or art such as sports, movies, painting, singing, literature, dancing, comic books... Even video games that teach about Jesus.

Rafael was able to connect with people through one of these techniques himself, using football. “Kids are not always interested, but if you use football, then people will be more open to listening,” he said. “Jesus told us to go and tell every nation. Sometimes it can be your neighbour who doesn’t know about Jesus! Use what God has given you wisely. Don’t waste it - trust in the Lord that you are capable.”

Bethan Cannell (Isle of Man) and Sarah Sookchan (Trinidad & Tobago) taught the church tools to creatively share the gospel, with a ‘Wordless Book’ explaining the gospel through colours, and the ‘Paper Cross’ which helps sharing the gospel story, or one’s testimony while folding and tearing a sheet of paper eventually taking the shape of a cross. “I was touched by their willingness to try it, even for older people who were still interested,” Sarah said.

She added, “It doesn’t matter if you are afraid, if you are an introvert or if you think you have no talent. It doesn’t take talent to tear a piece of paper or wear a t-shirt that has scripture on it; it doesn’t take much to share our heart about God to other people.”