The end is just the beginning

written by Cristina Amato

Daudi Kazinja (Tanzania) joined Logos Hope in September 2019 in Brazil and ended his commitment two years later in The Bahamas. Working in the deck department, he learnt a lot of new skills; including how to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of others. Daudi also focussed on learning about leadership and participated the year-long Leadership Experience And Development programme (LEAD).

He says, “In LEAD, each person is given a coach to journey with them and I got a first-hand learning opportunity from seeing how my coach, Randy, the ship’s director, runs management meetings; how he makes decisions in times of crisis, both as a leader and as a family man; and how he loves and cares for the wellbeing of the people under his authority.”

After living on Logos Hope, the Tanzanian feels equipped for what lies ahead of him. He says, “Life on board taught me diligence. It was also the most professional and organised life I have ever experienced.”

Ending his commitment marks the beginning of a new phase of serving God. Now back in his home city of Tabora, Daudi is practising what he has learnt. The 29-year-old started a programme for young boys in his community, called Kazi Guide. It teaches life and sports skills with a special emphasis on leadership and has 35 children enrolled.


Daudi says, “On board the ship, young people were trained and trusted to perform important tasks, and in the same way that I was trained there, I want to train young people and guide them in planning, management, decision-making and help them to understand how they can apply these skills in their daily life.”

Living on a book ship has made Daudi aware of the essential part of literature in gaining knowledge, so his scheme also provides books and a reading space. He says, “The more young people get their minds filled with right information from good books, the more they become creative problem-solvers, smart in their studies and excellent in discerning between right and wrong – an ability that has helped many to seek truth and end up finding Christ.”

Daudi’s classes are held at his parents’ home, with sports activities at a nearby football pitch. His aim is to buy a property and expand his programme to help more children.