To the ends of the earth

written by OM International

An event took place on board Logos Hope to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Operation Mobilisation in Chile. In partnership with the Christian stewardship trainers, Crown Financial Ministries, the aim of the event was to develop connections with leaders of local churches and share the mobilising vision to take the gospel to those it has yet to reach.

Frank José Gonzalez, who represented Crown Financial, told the audience about least-reached people and gave some figures: he spoke of 16,000 villages; 7,000 of which have not heard the Good News of the gospel or have no interaction with believers. Most, according to Frank, are located in the ‘10/40 window’ – the latitude and longitude coordinates for the least-reached section of the globe. Frank reminded the audience that there are 625 million people in Latin America, which is now considered to have been reached with the gospel.

Fabian Tobar, who leads OM Chile, added that there are 17 million people in Chile; of whom three million are Evangelical Christians. Only 150 of them are missionaries in other countries. “This points to OM Latin America's strategy,” Fabian told the audience. “We want to send 2,000 Latinos to the 10/40 window, to the least reached. I believe we can do it.” Frank encouraged those present: “Meet these crewmembers; some of them have given up on a lot to live with a little and serve God overseas.”

Sylvia Yañez and her husband, who was unable to attend because of ill health, started OM Chile together, 31 years ago. Sylvia explained that they had been in ministry in their church for 30 years and never understood every Christian’s duty to help reach all nations.

God opened their eyes in 1988. When the couple discovered OM's ships, starting with Doulos, they were impacted by the crewmembers’ dedication. With tears in her eyes, Sylvia said, “God is so faithful that He has allowed it all to last. We still need to awaken the Church.”

George Luis Soto Gould, a pastor from Costa Rica, flew to Chile to attend the event and brought 20 Chilean pastors along. The pastor told the gathering, “I am glad to be on the ship again, her presence was a blessing for Costa Rica.”

By the end of the conference, Pastor George had committed to giving $200 USD per month to support missions for the next two years. “I would like to encourage many to do the same thing, because here, one could feel God’s heart throb; saying, ‘This is mine, you are investing into my Kingdom, my will.’ As Logos Hope’s director, Pil-Hun Park (South Korea) said: "These were Jesus’ last words, to go and tell the world. The ship follows the duty of the Great Commission, unto the ends of the earth.”