By faith; not by sight

written by OM International

A centre for blind people called LMC (Lar das Moças Cegas) received a team of Logos Hope crewmembers for the day. The centre helps those without sight learn more autonomy and independence. The volunteers were eager to share about their experiences serving on a ship and tell those at the centre about their faith. 

When the crewmembers arrived, they were surprised to find that the members of LMC had actually prepared a programme for them. Thamy Balzo (Brazil), the team leader, was not prepared to be blindfolded for an hour so that she and her shipmates could experience loss of sight.

“I was so nervous that I cried afterwards,” Thamy admits. “Claudia and I held hands because we knew we could trust each other. Trust isn’t about what you can see and that is like my relationship with God. It was the most beautiful struggle I’ve had.”

The crew were set some tasks, which involved using all their senses apart from their sight. “This made us realise that blind people are a category of unreached people whom we forget about… They are blind but they can feel, they love; they are like us!” says Thamy.

Claudia Robb (Jamaica) addressed the group, saying, “The people God used in the Bible all have flaws. They came from assorted backgrounds and many suffered major limitations. Despite all of this, God used them mightily.” Claudia wanted to show that God uses different people to do His will; regardless of what might be perceived as an advantage or disadvantage.

LMC’s director, Marta Valdivia, said to the ship's volunteers, “Thank you so much, because you passed on so much love to us; the love of Christ.” She said she was impressed that the young volunteers are using their lives to make a difference for others.

A blind man said to Thamy, “I cannot see you but I can feel you, and I can feel peace when you speak.” She responded: “What a privilege to be a blessing for a person who, though he cannot see me, can feel that the Holy Spirit is in my life!”

The crewmembers told the group about Logos Hope and their own personal story of following Jesus. They prayed for the people before they left. “Their hearts were so open,” says Thamy. The residents welcomed the prayers and said they also looked forward to experiencing the ship in a visit they plan to make to the vessel.